About Pushyaa Foundation


Pushyaa Foundation, Patna, is a registered trust, incorporated with the twin objectives of restoration/ renovation of temples, and to undertake projects that are socially and culturally relevant to, and help promote, the place where such temples are located. The founding members of the Trust are individuals having a long association with various social and charitable organizations, and have an abiding faith in the Divine.

About Orcha


Orcha or Urcha is situated in the heartland of India in Newari district in the state of Madhya Pradesh and is about 20 kms from the city of Jhansi, UP. The town is rich in natural beauty, heritage and history, religious importance and is the perfect weekend destination for many. Very recently, Orcha has been included in the prestigious list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Orcha also has the unique distinction of being an important place in the tradition of worship of Lord Ram, as the Lord is worshipped here not only as a God, but also as a Ruler/King. Hence, the salutation “Jai Sri Ram Raja Sarkar” is popularly heard at Orcha. There are strict rules regarding His worship, and royal protocols are followed including a Guard of Honour given to the Deity every time the “Aarti” takes place