Renovation and Restoration of Sri Ram Raja Temple and Campus


Members of Pushyaa Sewa Samiti, Orcha are individuals who have been contributing towards various renovation and restoration work at the Temple since long. Some of the works completed till now include

Sri Ram Deergha at Raghupati Bhawan


The most recent project taken up by Pushyaa Sewa Samiti, Orcha was to construct a Hall/Shed of approx. 4000 sq. ft. at Raghupati Bhawan, Orcha which then was handed over in January 2021, to the Dept. of Culture, MP Govt, for creating a Sri Ram Deergha, an art gallery depicting the life and times of Shri Ram Raja Sarkar, to be opened for devotees/public shortly.

Restoration/ Renovation of Sri Ram Raja Mandir


A proposal was submitted by the Samiti to the Temple Authorities and District Administration to undertake renovation/restoration work inside the Sri Ram Raja Temple.

The proposal was accepted by the District Collector, Newari, MP, vide Letter no 120/Temple/2021 dated 24/2/2021.A committee comprising of officials from the Public Works, Electricity and Irrigation Departments and officials of the Local District Administration and District Archaeological Committee have been nominated to interact with the Sewa Samiti for finalisation of the plans.

In its proposal, the Samiti volunteered to undertake renovation/restoration work inside the Sri Ram Raja Temple, including replacing the entire flooring of the temple which has broken/chipped off over the decades, restoration of the main Garbh Griha, redesigning the Drainage system inside to stop water logging, replastering and repair of the halls/rooms of the Temple on all three floors and water-proofing the roof, amongst other works. The estimated cost of these works is likely to be about Rs 2 to 2.5 crores and will take about 2-3 years to complete.

A team of architects and artisans who are well versed with the local architectural style and materials have been engaged for preparation of the drawings and the Samiti is steadfast in its resolve to complete this project.

Pushyaa Bhog


Community Kitchen


The Samiti has also proposed to set up a Community Kitchen/ Bhandara for serving wholesome and nutritious Meals/Prasad at a heavily subsidised cost to the devotees and visitors to Orcha. Having also accepted this proposal in principle, the local administration identified a suitable location to be provided to the Samiti for this purpose, and vide Letter F no/129/Mandir/2021 dated 5/6/2021, allotted the same. This project can now commence and is likely to cost about Rs 35-40 lakhs to set up and later will have recurring operational costs.

Pushyaa Kaushal Kendra


Employment/ Self Employment opportunities


The Samiti proposes to hire the workers and staff for Pushyaa Bhog, its Community Kitchen project, through placement suggestions of Local Self Help Groups(SHGs) registered under NRLM Scheme of the GOI. The Samiti also proposes to establish a skilling centre to be set up at the proposed Pushyaa Bhawan, where local residents will be trained for making articles of domestic consumption viz. Achaar, Paapad, Agarbatti etc. This project will be started along with the Community Kitchen.

Local Arts and Crafts


The Samiti proposes to set up a Centre for Local Arts and Crafts to promote the artisans and craftsman in and around Orcha and provide them with suitable assistance in marketing their products at a fair cost. The twin objectives of self-employment along with financial inclusion are the goal for this project.

Pushyaa Sampark


Social Work


The Samiti proposes to establish fixed and mobile centres having computer / internet connectivity and use these for generating awareness about various schemes and programmes of GOI and MP Govt. There is a great need for providing services for registration and availing of benefits of these schemes to the local population especially in rural areas and the Samiti will provide the same.

Health and Sanitation


The Samiti provided Sanitisation Tunnels to the Temple Authorities during the pandemic period in order to sanitise and ensure the safety of devotees who visit the Temple. The Drinking Water facilities in and around the Temple Campus were also upgraded to ensure hygiene. The Samiti will continue with projects related to sensitisation of the local community towards Health and Sanitation issues by organising Awareness Camps, distribution of basic kits including Face Masks, and assisting in the creation of local health facilities and infrastructure.

After having put in place an organisation at Orcha, and after bringing together the initial members, we now appeal to you to come forth and associate with Pushyaa Sewa Samiti, Orcha in its journey ahead. The sheer scope and magnitude of works that have to be performed may be beyond the resources of one individual, but are possible if we all come together.

We firmly believe that it is our duty to serve and to reach out to people who share the same values.